• Accura Mate 85 inch
  • Accura Mate 78 inch
  • Accura Mate 50 inch
  • Projector DLP & XDA
  • LCD Projector
  • Interactive Projector
  • Digital Pen
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Multimedia System

The entire concept of a technology

  • The entire concept of a technology enabled classroom is based on the "Cognitive Learning Approach" which has been the most widely accepted theory of the learning process.
  • The cognitive approach, which recognizes the close relationship between that which is known and that which is to be learned, proceeds to build on this knowledge base by helping students associate new material with something that is familiar.
  • Productive teaching occurs when this new link is established.
  • Therefore, an effective teacher who uses cognitive strategies will incorporate many devices into a lesson to assist the student in this linking process.
  • Audio-visual aids, demonstrations, simulations, rhymes, acoustics, acronyms, and patterns are some linking devices available to the teachers.
  • Tied up with D.A.V Public School to set up ICT solutions
  • 1000+ classroom installation in next one year

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